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Brand Platforms

Branding begins at the heart of an organization and grows outward, transcending logos and graphics to encompass the images, words, products, and places, as well as the opinions, expectations, lifestyles and people, associated with it.

Successful branding involves a clear understanding of organizational character and project intent. Then it employs design to harness and translate that into public-facing media experiences that impress and connect with diverse audiences.

EGG Office utilizes in-depth research methodologies and innovative creative processes to design brand platforms that are true to character and project goals, offer flexible and transposable components, and create honest brand moments that instill trust and alignment in the people who experience them.

• Brand Strategy and Positioning

• Naming

• Brand Identity and Logos

• Digital Platforms

• Print, Packaging and Products

• Style Guides

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics range from branded environments and experiential graphics to informative wayfinding systems.

When developed as an extension of brand identity, environmental graphics can convert physical spaces into brand messaging opportunities and invigorate otherwise commonplace encounters. In the workplace, they connect colleagues to a common mission. In hospitality, they inspire and align lifestyle aspirations. In healthcare, they decode complicated corridors, providing reassuring guidance in vulnerable moments.

EGG Office works with clients to translate brand voice into the built environment through thoughtful, dynamic content. Using an approach that is both holistic and targeted, we design cohesive, intuitive systems that reinforce brand expression where it intersects with the spatial experiences of customers, visitors, and occupants.

• Branded Environments

• Wayfinding and Signage Master Plans

• Entertainment and Retail Graphics

• Memorial and Donor Recognition

• Exhibit Design

• Tenant Signage Guidelines

Relevant Projects