EGG Office | The Beverly Hilton
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Brand, Environmental Graphics

The Beverly Hilton

The Hilton 1955 flagship, home to the Golden Globe Awards, sought a revitalization of their iconic property.

We began by researching the hotel’s fabled history, as well as the various incarnations of its visual and cultural identity. We then benchmarked the existing identity against a competitive set of establishments, identified operational goals and determined key experiential moments for guests and visitors.

Leveraging the outcomes of our investigation, we updated the original logotype and restored original star iconography to the brand identity palette. Then we applied the refreshed identity across a stationery suite and other printed promotional and operational materials.

We also extended the branding through the exterior and interior environmental graphics and signage, restoring glamour and sophistication, including the iconic Trader Vic’s F&B venue.

Designed in collaboration with: Gensler;
Select Photos: Benny Chan / Fotoworks; BH Hilton Instagram; GettyImages