EGG Office | Facebook Menlo Park
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Brand, Environmental Graphics

Facebook Menlo Park

We developed environmental graphics, wayfinding, signage and venue logos for the primary building on the Facebook campus, designed by Gehry Partners.

Reflecting the desire for an unassuming and low-tech workplace aesthetic for the world’s largest single-story open floor plan, we designed graphics that are straightforward and highly functional in both appearance and execution. Graphics were painted directly onto existing architectural elements and utilized raw materials—all capturing the CEO’s “never-finished” mantra.

The intention for the F&B components was to serve a highly communal purpose in the overall program, drawing employees together for socializing and idea exchange. We developed the identities and corresponding graphics for the five dining venues in the building, each with a unique spirit and aesthetic to create a compelling place in its own right.

For the main cafeteria, Full Circle, we created a monumental main identification sign to highlight the venue as a central gathering place. Made exclusively of vibrantly colored ceramic plates, dishes, vases and bowls, the collage of ceramics graduates from yellows to reds and from shallower pieces to deeper pieces, infusing a sense of energy and movement.

Another dining venue, Cho’s Hawker Center, pays homage to the street food, photo menus and atmosphere of Singapore’s famed hawker centers.

With our design for Mama Penny’s, we fulfilled the client’s desire for décor and branding that evoked “your grandma’s 1970s kitchen,” taking inspiration from vintage patterns and kitchens to develop branded wallpaper, custom tables and a custom pegboard with cast-iron skillets.

On the rooftop garden, Fromage’s offering provided a European inspiration for animal icons depicting silhouettes of dairy-producing animals, reminiscent of a French cheese shop. And STRAW’s garden-green, wireframe letters complement the natural ingredients used in the venue’s fresh smoothies and acai bowls.

Architect: Gehry Partners
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann Photography